Welcome to Virtual Diner!

Welcome to the website of the largest delivery bot on Discord! Virtual Diner gives users the opportunity to virtually order and receive foods or drinks with few restrictions. After submitting an order, our volunteer staff team find the appropriate image(s) and uses the bot to send the order with a custom delivery message. Members can also use our virtual currency to tip the staff members who prepared your order or save up their money to gain special perks or flex on their friends!

Why us?

Valued Staff Team
2,000+ staff members.
Largest Delivery Bot
Used by 116,000+ servers.
Millions of orders
Over 8,000,000 sent.
Community for All
A loving & caring community.
Support Us
Running Virtual Diner has substantial costs, so we need your help to keep it running. If you like Virtual Diner, please consider supporting us.
What are others are saying?

Virtual Diner is honestly one of the best discord servers and bots I ever used. I’ve never felt like I’ve been judged there once. I love the people, everyone is literally so sweet. I love all of you and thank you so much for making me feel comfortable in a server. :) I would 100% recommend to a friend.

I feel like after I joined the Management team, I felt like I was welcomed into a family, and I still feel like it is one. The bot is an amazing bot to use as well. It’s incredibly fun to also be included in the kitchen staff if you’d like to apply! As a member of 2020, this community continuously grows grows, and I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who is looking to make some amazing friends.

I love Virtual Diner so very much, it's become basically my life since January 22, 2022! It is an amazing server, with a very talented founder and staff and overall amazing people!! <3 I'm so very grateful to be apart of this community and everyone works so hard to keep this server safe; you should definitely join!!

Virtual Diner is incredibly organized and very easy to work with. The bot is very entertaining and the idea is spectacular! Everyone in the server is super nice and making friends is very easy <33

Virtual Diner is an amazing place to have fun, meet new friends, and roleplay! It's also a great place to learn new things, especially unusual food items that you wouldn't normally hear on a normal basis unless you worked at Virtual Diner!

Virtual Diner is a great place to have fun and help other people one step at a time. It's easily accessible and barely ever has issues (eg. website down, images not loading) It's a place where you can be creative with your choices, and express yourself! The staff here are always very friendly and quick to deliver and make. Overall, a brilliant community, faultless!