Ordering Rules

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Ordering Rules

• Troll Orders •

These orders are considered troll orders. We also don’t serve any non-food/drink. Any user who submits 3 or more troll orders will be blacklisted from ordering and will be asked to appeal to be unblacklisted.

1.) We do not serve any order that is disrespectful toward our staff team, even if it includes a request for a valid item

2.) We do not serve any type of drugs or medicine (E.g.: weed, pills, painkillers, melatonin, etc).

3.) We do serve food and drinks from fictional media, shows, movies, etc. as long as there is a real-life recreation of the item. Fictional images must not be used as we do not serve edited images.

4.) We do not serve any type of human meat, human organs, or body parts from a person.

5.) Meme-sounding orders (such as nuggies, chicken tendies, etc.) are allowed ONLY if valid images are used. If a staff member cannot find an image, they can delete the order. We also serve meme-themed cakes if the customer requests one (E.g.: Pepe cake).

6.) We do not serve anything NSFW, including shaped or themed food. However, some orders that may sound NSFW are real items that simply sound NSFW; please see rule 12 for more detail on those.

• Invalid Orders •

These orders are considered invalid orders. Any user who submits 4 or more invalid orders will be blacklisted from ordering and will be asked to appeal to be unblacklisted. A list of exotic foods can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1Z_r-WaD6B9Qie124v3fkxVT1LsM1qAoGPIVmV6-zZtQ

7.) We do not serve any type of bug or insects. This includes dishes such as Casu Marzu since they contain bugs or insects.

8.) We do not serve any type of pet food; pet food orders will be deleted.

9.) We serve food from all countries however some orders, such as cats and dogs, are classed as invalid due to them being potentially disturbing to the chefs.

10.) We serve raw foods such as fish and vegetables as they are commonly used in global dishes HOWEVER, we don't serve raw meat, such as raw chicken, or anything unsafe to consume.

11.) We do not serve any food items that are disturbing or deformed. Ugly cakes and odd food items are able to be served as long as they are safe to consume and the images aren’t unpleasant to look at.

12.) We can serve NSFW-sounding items if they are a real thing. These items will be on the lookup to distinguish them from simple NSFW trolls. 

• Other Rules •

These rules do not fit under the troll or invalid categories but are still enforced with blacklists.

13.) Racist, homophobic, anti-semitic, and other similar orders or feedback will result in an instant blacklist. This includes orders of slurs. Ordering the f-slur is an instant blacklist unless ordered with food specifications. If ordered as food, it will be counted as an invalid order rather than a slur.

14.) Death threats are not allowed in orders or feedback and will result in an instant blacklist.

15.) Orders with the obvious intent to break the system such as orders at the discord character limit will be removed and result in an instant blacklist.

16.) Advertising in either your order or in feedback will result in an instant blacklist.

17.) If you are blacklisted you must appeal your blacklist on our website. Evading your blacklist with an alternative account is not allowed and will result in a blacklist and a permanent ban from our website.

• Image Related Rules •

These rules apply to the images our staff team uses. If a staff member prepares an order with an image that is not allowed, the staff member will be warned.

18.) The bot limits staff to only 3 images when preparing an order but they can include multiple items in one image. If the chef cannot fit all the items of an order into 3 images, they can delete it for reaching our order limit!

19.) Images must be a real picture of the food/drink. Drawings are not allowed. 

20.) Image can include:

  • edited text or watermarks unless it's added by the chef. Chefs cannot edit images. 
  • multiple items as long as each of the images are of real food. 
  • humans (eg. hands) but cannot have any faces. 
  • GIFs as long as they only show the food.

21.) All images should only include valid items and all food items must be cooked. (Check rule 10 for exceptions.)


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Posted at: 01/13/2023 @ 7:30 AM