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It’s wonderful to have you in the server! Before you start talking in chats, please make sure to read #server-rules for our rules and #ordering-rules on what you can/can’t order. If you have any questions/concerns relating to the bot, please use #support.

Rank Hierarchy

Disclaimer: Mentor and Server Moderator positions are also applied for as of 01/07/2022.


  • Developer & Founder - All of the responsibilities below, develops and enhances the bot, and is first in command. 
  • Chief Operations Officer - Oversees the operations of Virtual Diner, maintains a safe atmosphere in the community, and ensures correct maintenance of the server.
  • Chief Administrative Officer - Oversees administrative team, specializes in community management, and is second in command. 
  • Executive Advisor - Oversees management and the staff team. Handles complaints, reports, and takes notes regarding changes and progress on staff and management.
  • Community Manager - All responsibilities of Staff Coordinator, assists with Mentor, Server Moderator, and Event Organizer applications, and has Administrator permissions. 


  • Staff Coordinator - All responsibilities of Directors and handle appeals. 
  • Directors - All responsibilities of Managers, backlogs orders, and blacklists users, and has Moderator permissions. 
  • Managers - Handle Kitchen Staff applications, and on-leave requests, warn Kitchen Staff and handle Mod Mail tickets. 


  • Server Moderators - Moderate the server as well as provide a safe environment for members. 
  • Trial Moderators - Moderate the server for a specific time as a trial. 
  • Mentors - Provide support to Kitchen Staff, help with general queries, and work beside Management. 
  • Kitchen Staff - Prepare, deliver, and report orders. (Apply using the `/apply` command)


  • Retired Legend - Given to those that retired as a Staff Coordinator or higher.
  • Cool Person - Given to those that are deemed as "cool" by Jacob (developer & founder), and bypasses the purge of Kitchen Staff.
  • Supporter - Given to those who support us on Patreon.

How do I become a Kitchen Staff?

In order to work here, you’ll need to apply on our website at (or use the `/apply` command). Please make sure to follow the requirements listed in order for your application to be accepted:

  • Why you’ll be a good staff member of the team.
  • An estimate or an exact amount of hours you can contribute on a daily/weekly basis.
  • Include some traits about you, we would love to see how you can use your skills for the team.

Please note that we do have a requirement of 15 orders for kitchen staff to complete on a weekly basis. Our team uses images from the internet and no real-life cooking/paychecks are involved

Additionally, your Discord account must be 7 days old in order to apply. This is so that no alternative accounts or trolling happens. You also cannot be muted or banned from the main guild in the past 24 hours.

Applications are usually read within 24 hours. Please don’t ask for your application to be read or otherwise, you’ll be denied.

How can I appeal a blacklist or ban?

Appeals are handled by Staff Coordinator+. To appeal for your blacklist/ban, you can use the `/appeal` command and it’ll give you a link to the website where you’ll be able to send your appeal. Make sure you select the correct ban reason before you start appealing. If you are banned from the main server, you will also be blacklisted from the bot. If you do not select the correct appeal reason, your appeal will not be accepted. Please remember that the reason does matter. Here are some tips on how to get your appeal accepted:

  • Don't blame it on someone else. 
  • Don’t try to be right and say your orders weren’t troll/invalid orders. Our Director+ knows what they’re doing when it comes to blacklisting.
  • Be very apologetic and prove to us that you won’t do it again.
  • Show us that you’re worth a chance to be able to use the bot again.

Appeals are voted on with our Staff Coordinator+ and it takes up to a week to be reviewed.

If you are website banned, you’ll need to contact ModMail to appeal. Troll applications/appeals are not appealable.

Why was my name changed to Cleaned? Can someone change my nickname?

If you end up having a nickname named 'Cleaned', it's because your username is unpingable. It cannot contain any fonts/symbols in front of your name. However, you are allowed to request a nickname change by asking someone with any of the following roles: Server/Trial Moderator, Director, Staff Coordinator, or Executives. You may either DM them or ask for a nickname change in #support.

What perks do I get for boosting this server?

Boosting the server will give you a custom Booster role that shows you’ve boosted the server, and you will receive Nickname permission. You also get to be hoisted in the server member list and get to have external emoji permissions without needing the role or Kitchen Staff. 

Where can I donate?

To receive the Donator role, you can run the `.donate` command in #bot-commands. Note that in order to receive the role, you must choose the “Donate what you like!’ option.

To get the Supporter role and many other great perks, you can donate via our Patreon:

How do I earn virtual VD money?

You can earn money by running the `/daily` command once per day or by working as a Kitchen Staff by preparing/delivering orders, tips, and more! You can earn even more money by purchasing the `daily multiplier` perk on our website and your daily money reward will increase.

What can I spend my money on?

You can spend your Virtual Diner money on tipping the chefs and deliverer of your order. The tips are split 75/25% between each person. You can also use your money to buy perks on the website like Order Multiplier, Cancel Orders, and Faster Orders. You can view and buy the perks here;

Where do I report a user or staff member?

To report a user, you may contact someone with any of the following ranks: Trial/Server Moderator, Director, Staff Coordinator, or Executives.

To report a staff member, you may contact someone with any of the following ranks: Mentor, Trial Manager/Manager, Director, Staff Coordinator,

or Executives.

Please note that if there are any online higher-ups below Executives, it's best to contact them as contacting Executives with any small issues should be avoided.

How do I use ModMail?

It’s simple, you DM ModMail and it’ll open up a ticket for management to view. After the ticket opens, you’ll then have to pick which kind of support you are looking for (Recruitment, Appeals/Bans, Order Issues, and Others). After picking one, state your questions/concerns and one of us will get to your ticket shortly. 

What you shouldn’t use ModMail for:

Please do not use ModMail for any of the following reasons:

  • Trolling
  • Spamming
  • Asking anything unrelated to the bot/server

These actions may result in a block from using ModMail and there’s no way to appeal.


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