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Last updated at: 08/09/2022 @ 7:38 PM

Hiya! Welcome to Virtual Diner <3 👋.

  •  Before you enter our server, we encourage you to read the rules stated below. Additionally, if you plan on using the bot, check out our #ordering-rules as well. Moderators are hired for a reason; if you believe that a moderator is abusing their power, do not be afraid to contact an executive about it. If a moderator instructs you to do something ie: use channels for their correct purposes, please use your common sense and comply with whatever they are instructing you to do. ❣️

1)  NSFW Content: NSFW content is not allowed in any way, shape,or form, and it can result in a ban. However, light nsfw does not result in an instant ban yet continuously bringing it up can result in one as well. 

2) Advertising: Advertising is not allowed here and can result in a ban. Additionally, dm advertisement will result in a ban as well. However, if you’d like an individual to join your server, you can message them with “hey , would you like to join my server?” or something of the sort. Once you get permission, you’re allowed to send them a link to your server. 

3) Disrespect: At Virtual Diner, we aim to maintain a community that is based on co-operation and respect. Disrespect in any way, shape, or form can result in a mute, and in some cases, a ban.

4) Copypastas: Copypasts are not allowed as they can spam the chat and they can result in a mute, and in some cases, a ban. 


5) Channel Use: Please use channels for their designated purposes. #media is for off-topic media, #support is for support , #music is for the music bot, etc. Failure to utilize channels for their designated purposes can result in a mute. 

6) Spamming: Spamming is not allowed as it can flood chats. Spamming can lead to a mute, and in some cases, a ban. 

7) English: Virtual Diner is an English only server. If you fail to comply with this rule, you can risk a mute, and in some cases, a ban. 

8) Applications: Please be patient, applications can take up to 24 hours to be read. If you ask for your application to be read, it will be denied and you’ll have to wait 12 hours to reapply. Additionally, if your application hasn’t been read in the designated time span, please contact a member of management about the situation. 

9)  Appeals: If you are banned or blacklisted,you can appeal your punishment on our website. Appeals can take up to a week to be read as they are voted on by higher management, so please be patient. 

10) Sensitive topics: Topics that are deemed sensitive ie: suicide, sh, etc are not allowed as they can be psychologically triggering towards others. Continuously bringing up these topics can result in a mute, and in some cases, a ban.

11) Nicknames: We allow most usernames, however, usernames that are unpingable (ie: ones with special fonts/emojis) will be set to “cleaned” and usernames with slurs will be set to “bad user”. Usernames containing NSFW content will also be changed to "bad user." If you’d like, you can request a nick-name change in #support. 

12) Ban/Mute Evasion: If you get muted or banned, there is a reason behind it. Bypassing a mute or ban with an alt account is not allowed, and can result in a ban from our server.

13)  Server mod role: The server moderator rule is pingable. However, the role should ONLY be pinged when needed ie: when an individual or individuals are raiding the server, being discriminatory, etc. Uselessly pinging this role can result in a mute, and in some cases, a ban.

14)  Discrimination: Discrimination is not allowed here and acts of discrimination (including the usage of slurs) will result in an instant ban. Additionally, it’s best not to joke about discrimination as our moderators/admins might not know if you’re joking or not. 

15)  TOS: We follow the discord terms of service at Virtual Diner ( Breaking the tos results in an instant ban. Additionally, it’s not wise to joke about your age as our moderators/administrators do not know if you’re joking or not. (Ex: Making jokes about being under 13). 


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Posted at: 08/09/2022 @ 7:38 PM